Updated 30 August 2021.

Crozet Arts does not discriminate against or accept harassment of any person or persons associated with Crozet Arts on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, economic level, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or age in our educational, admissions, hiring, scholarship and other programs and policies.

Crozet Arts strives to use registration and tuition practices and policies that make our school affordable and accessible. Students may register online (preferred) or by mail (please email to request a paper form). A limited number of need-based scholarships are available; please contact Crozet Arts for more information: crozetarts@gmail.com

Registration and tuition are due by the registration deadline listed for each class session, or before a student participates in a virtual or in-person class. Each student must complete either an online or paper Registration Form, and sign the liability waivers, once for the 1 September 2021  – 31 August 2022  school year prior to participating in virtual or in-person classes.  Enrollment in additional classes during the year does not require another Registration Form.  Maximum Registration Fees: $25 per student and $50 per family per academic year; summer registration fees may be in addition to these limits.  These fees help to offset the costs of  bookkeeping & administration.

For any in-person class, workshop, or meeting at Crozet Arts:  Before Student’s first class, Student (or Student’s Parent, if Student is under age 18) will read, agree to, and sign, a paper copy of the Crozet Arts Covid-19 Protocols & Waiver, and submit to Instructor. A copy is posted under the Covid-19 Info button on the CrozetArts.org website.  Paper copies for signing will be available at Crozet Arts; the waiver covers 1 September 2021 – 30 June 2022.

A limited number of need-based scholarships are available. Please contact Crozet Arts for information: crozetarts@gmail.com

Please remember that even virtual classes may be impacted by inclement weather (connectivity issues, or if the instructor would be teaching virtually from Crozet Arts, and cannot travel there); please check the website for class cancellations.

When classes are meeting in-person, Crozet Arts generally, but not always, follows the Albemarle County Public Schools inclement weather and emergency closings.  Exceptions may be made for extended ACPS closings due to weather; or, if it is apparent before noon that roads will be clear by 3:00 we may be able to hold classes.  During inclement weather, please check the website (CrozetArts.org) for information; information about closing will usually be posted by 1:00 pm.  

Classes cancelled due to weather or emergency closings or teacher illness will be rescheduled. There is generally no provision to make-up classes missed due to student illness or absence.  However, if a student enrolled in Ballet, Yoga, or Guitar cannot attend class due to illness, or Covid-19 quarantine or diagnosis, the student may attend the class or lesson virtually (via Zoom) if the instructor is contacted in advance in order to set-up the link. Ballet students may attend other ballet classes via Zoom, with instructor’s permission, to make-up missed classes; or, they may make-up missed classes in-person, if space allows, and with prior permission of the instructor.  Private guitar lessons otherwise missed due to illness may be made up within the session, by contacting the instructor.  Art class make-up’s for Covid-19 quarantine or illness will be addressed on an individual basis, due to the unique focus of each class session.   Student illness/absence should be reported to instructor (or Office@CrozetArts.org) before class in order to determine make-up possibilities.


With permission of the instructor, students may enroll in a class after the start of a Term or Session. Tuition for some classes may be prorated or make-up options offered, at the discretion of the instructor; please ask for more info.

Each student (or responsible party) must pay the total tuition due for the session for which a student registers even if student does not complete the session.

Tuition that is not paid before the first class of each session will incur a $10 late fee.

Crozet Arts will refund tuition if a class session is cancelled. There are no other refunds of paid tuition.  If Covid conditions necessitate, classes will move to Zoom; there will be no refunds of paid tuition unless it is not feasible for a class to move to Zoom, and an alternative cannot be arranged.
Email CrozetArts@gmail.com with questions.

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