Three Sisters by Hamner Theater

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Sunday, March 17th, 2019 at 2:00 pm

The Hamner Theater presents:

Chekhov Unbound: Three Sisters

by Anton Chekhov in a new adaptation by Doug Grissom
Directed by Boomie Pedersen
Dramaturgy: Carol Pedersen
Technical Direction: J. Taylor
Photography and Graphics: Jay Kuhlman


the Prozorovs:
Andrei – Mark McLane
his sisters:
Olga – Dinah Pehrson
Masha – Kate Bennis
Irina – Emma Givens
the household:
Anfisa – Linda Hayward
Ferapont – Joe Monaghan
Maid – Boomie Pedersen
the Spouses:
Kulygin, Masha’s husband, a teacher – Mackie Boblette
Natasha, Andrei’s fiance, later wife – Virginia Wawner
the Military:
Chebutykin, an army doctor – Tim McNamara
Tuzenbach, the Baron, a Lieutenant – Chris Baumer
Solyony, the staff captain – Kurt Vogelsang
Fedotik, a second lieutenant, the photographer – George Dippard
Vershinin – Lieutenant-Colonel, the new Battery Commander – Dan Stern

Full cast Moscow Art

Admission:  Suggested donation of $10 to Hamner Theater
E-mail ( or call (434-960-5936) Boomie to reserve a spot.

What is Chekov Unbound?
Chekov Unbound is an original adaptation of Chekov’s play Three Sisters by UVA playwriting professor and playwright Doug Grissom. Working with Mr. Grissom, an ensemble of 12 – 14 actors, director and dramaturg, will adapt a version of Chekov’s Three Sisters that reflects the community we are living in and the universally thematic world of Chekov’s play, the yearning for something else and the poignance of opportunities missed or overlooked, from the perspective of older actors. Part of the thrust of the project is to bring it to multiple areas, seeing how venue and proximity affect audience experience and expectation as well as giving the actors the challenge of keeping the integrity of the play regardless of venue. The intimacy of a house performance will be a very different experience from a stage performance where the distance between actor and audience is more formally delineated. It is also our hope to bring the performance to audiences without easy access to theater and the performing arts, where there is interest.

What is the Hamner Theater?
The Hamner Theater is a non-profit theater entity, founded in 2005, in a community center in Nelson County, VA. Since 2012 it has been venueless but has continued to work in the theatrical community, collaborating with other area theaters, and continuing the “free and open to the public Improv sessions” begun in 2007, as well as our VPSI readings and workshops. We were also the fiscal sponsors for several area performance groups, continuing our support of local theatrical enterprises. In May of this year, we formally took on a studio space at Crozet Arts, where we have maintained an informal presence since 2012.

As we redefine and hone our purpose now, in our studio at Crozet Arts, we want to continue telling the stories of our community; we want to bring to light what has been hidden away, (the New Town and Free Town stories,) to encourage and foster bold, sustainable community conversations. We want to make a difference in our community, one story at a time, one play at a time. Our future work includes Dementia Friendly Theater; work with the senior population, specifically with residents of care facilities; a summer Shakespeare for Crozet and surrounding environs. We want our projects to be able to travel to underserved or more remote communities where access to the performing arts may be limited. We believe that theater should be available and accessible to all because it is a necessary part of a healthy society.

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