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Read about Crozet Arts in this May 2022 Crozet Gazette article
by Theresa Curry.
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NBC 29 – Covers the Twinkle Project

Old Crozet School Arts Launches Classes

As recently as June, Old Crozet School Arts founders Sharon Tolczyk and Mollie Washburne didn’t know if they were going to be opening an arts school in the old Crozet elementary school or not. On September 1, as workmen paused from installing a sprung dance floor in one former classroom, they hosted a kick-off event to announce the beginning of classes in 16 types of art on September 8. They had gotten a tremendous amount of work done in, as old-timers used to say, a rapid hurry. Not too long ago local citizens said they wanted a cultural center in the 1924 building, and with enterprising spirit, and a leap of faith, Tolczyk, serving as artist director, and Washburn, the administrative director, have made it happen.

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Old Crozet School into Arts

Arts enthusiasts in Western Albemarle no longer need to trek into town to take classes. Old Crozet School Arts (OCSA), which opened in September 2009 in the former Crozet Elementary School building, offers a wide range of quality and affordable arts instruction for artists of all ages and disciplines.

The non-profit organization arose out of the community’s desire to revitalize the aging school building, which sat vacant for a number of years, as a culture and community center. OCSA offers classes in dance, music, theatre, visual arts, and other art forms. It’s their hope that intermingling artists from all disciplines under one roof will promote growth, awareness, and integration of the arts and will lay the groundwork for the development of a true center of culture at the Old Crozet School.

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