Please read below our updated health and Covid-19 protocols as of 1 June 2023.
Click here for a PDF.
Each student or parent of student must read these protocols and agree to abide by them in Waiver 4 on the registration form.
Thank you for helping us to be considerate of everyone’s health.

Covid-19 Policy Next Steps, as of  June 1, 2023

At Crozet Arts, the health and welfare of our students and our community continue to remain our top priority. We are committed to doing our best to protect the health and safety of all of our students, teachers, and families, while providing life enriching classes in the arts. 

After further evaluation of the ever changing Covid-19 environment, and in consultation with medical consultants, our teachers, and our Board of Directors, we believe that Crozet Arts is ready to move forward with additional relaxing of our Covid safety protocols.

Proof of COVID Vaccination

  • Starting on June 1, 2023 proof of Covid-19 vaccinations will no longer be required to enroll in a class at Crozet Arts. However, individual instructors may require proof of Covid-19 vaccinations for their classes; this will be noted at the top of the class webpage.
  • Crozet Arts continues to strongly support the recommendation of the CDC urging Covid vaccination & boosters for all those eligible (click here):  “Staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations is the leading public health strategy to prevent severe disease. Not only does it provide individual-level protection, but high vaccination coverage reduces the burden of COVID-19 on people, schools, healthcare systems, and communities.


Our masking policy will remain unchanged, and is as follows. 

  • If the community transmission rate is “medium” or “high” (yellow or orange) for Albemarle County, masks are required for everyone (ages 3 & up) inside Crozet Arts, including in hallways, bathrooms, and studios. 
  • If the community transmission is “low” (green) for Albemarle County, masks are optional for everyone.
  • EXCEPTION: Anyone who is symptomatic (sore throat/sniffles/cough/congestion/etc) but without fever and with a negative Covid test must, in the best interests of everyone, mask inside Crozet Arts, regardless of community transmission rates, or stay home. 


       (scroll down to “County Check”)

NOT FEELING WELL? Consider Staying Home:

In an effort to keep all community members safe and healthy, please read the below policies before coming or sending a student to class. 

  • Students with a fever, or exhibiting signs of Covid or other infectious illnesses, should remain at home; please email to report illness to Sharon Tolczyk. 
  • Students who have minor symptoms, but without a known Covid exposure, should consider one of the following options:
    • wearing a mask to class 
    • attending an alternate class as a make-up, if one is available, or
    • attending the class via zoom (if the class is set up to do so).
  • Zooming for Ballet classes is always an option for students who feel well enough to participate, but may still be contagious, or are becoming ill. Please reach out to Sharon Tolczyk if your dancer feels well enough to zoom, but is symptomatic and therefore needs to stay at home:
  • Crozet Arts teachers will do their best to arrange make-ups/virtual options/other for students who must stay home due to illness.  Email, or speak to teacher, in case of absence due to illness.
  • If a class participant or teacher has a POSITIVE COVID test please notify Sharon Tolczyk at  Please also email Sharon with questions or concerns about returning to class after COVID illness. Crozet Arts will continue to follow the updated isolation and precautions for people with COVID-19 which can be found here:  Isolation and Precautions for People with COVID-19 | CDC.
  • VENTILATION: Crozet Arts has ALEN 75i air purifiers running 24/7 in each studio, and in our hallway. Windows will be opened/cracked (depending on outside temperature) during classes to allow for fresh air circulation.

If you have any further questions about our health/COVID-19 protocols/response, please email

As always, thank you for helping us to keep Crozet Arts, our students, teachers, and families as safe and healthy as possible.

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