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Laura Allen

 Art for K – 5:  Virtual Studio Art

with Laura Allen

UPDATE 11 September 2020:
These class sessions have been postponed.
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Cost for a 3-week session: $33 + $12 supplies + $5 registration = $50

Keep up with your art smarts during this stay-at-home class. We’ll be exploring a different artist or style every week. Each week will be a new supply bag, two short Zoom meetings and lots of art making in between.

–The first Sunday of the session you will pick up all 3 of your ART SMART bags with everything you need to be a master artist all week long. No peeking!!

–Each Monday 4-4:25 Zoom meeting to introduce the topic

–Each Friday 4-4:25  Zoom meeting for our art show and discussion

Supply Pick-up: Students will pick up all 3 ART SMART bag at CrozetArts Sunday between 5:30 and 6 pm.  Arrangements can be made for other times or home delivery per student—Just ask!
These bags include nearly everything you need for the project. Materials will be cumulative, so save your glue, markers etc. from each week to the next.  Occasionally materials will be collected by the student, but should not cost anything, e.g. leaves and sticks or be something you have at home already (scissors).

Introductory ZOOM meeting #1:  Each Monday 4-4:25 we’ll get together and learn about an artist or movement and find out what is in the ART SMART bag of the week and what to make that week.

During the week: Students work on projects at home. Feel free to contact Mrs. Allen at any time via email to answer any questions.

Art Show ZOOM meeting #2: Each Friday 4-4:25 we’ll get back together to look at the artwork we’ve made during the week. Time to celebrate and discuss what we’ve learned.

**Parents are always welcome to join in Zoom meetings, but definitely not required.


Session 1 Postponed
Week 1:Drawing with Paul Klee
Week 2: Weaving
Week 3: Process Art

Session 2 Postponed
Week 1: Drawing Doodle Cubes using Color Theory
Week 2: Environmental Art with Andy Goldsworthy
Week 3: Portraits with Kehinde Wiley


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Laura Allen is a Virginia native who studied art at Davidson College and sculpture at Portland State University. Prior to graduate school, she lived in tent in Southwest Virginia for a year with her husband. After living in Portland, Raleigh, and then moving up the I-95 corridor in Virginia, she is quite pleased to be back in the mountains in Crozet. Most of her time is spent wrangling two super kids to the bus stop and activities. She exhibits in Virginia, Colorado and California. Primarily a sculptor, she is passionate about materials and process. Reclaimed objects, rich in inherent history and associations, are sewn, wrapped, folded and glued to create forms that comment on her current lifestyle and interests. She is fascinated with the hand-working processes of her grandmothers that create imperfect outcomes, adding personal, human touches to otherwise manufactured and plastic objects.

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