Theater for Adults/Seniors

Theater for Adults/Seniors

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Classes taught by Boomie Pedersen with occasional guests.

Classes held in the Hamner Theater Studio at Crozet Arts.

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This is from a recent (Aug. 14, 2018) Boston Globe article:

Research suggests that rote memorization can help keep the brain nimble into old age. One review of studies found wide-ranging benefits for elderly dramatists, including cognitive gains and improvements in well-being. When the age is in, the wit is out,” the Bard of Avon wrote. The Addelson Shakespeare Players beg to differ. They battle the atrophy of age with Shakespeare’s 400-year-old texts, their elixir of youth.If you’re going to stay alive and alert, you have to tackle new ideas to keep those neurons going,” said Pat Meaney, 84, of Brookline, who’ll star as Viola in “Twelfth Night.” She worked for the Environmental Protection Agency before retiring. “Other people talk about being bored. But none of us are bored. We’re too wonderfully busy.”

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Free Improv with HIT
(Hamner Improv Troupe)
at Crozet Arts

Sundays:  6:30 – 8:30 pm

Boomie Pedersen was born and raised in NYC. She has lived, taught, performed and studied in NY; Tokyo, Japan; Los Angeles, CA and now in Virginia.  She was a scholarship dance student with the Joffrey Ballet but gave up ballet to go to college.  Boomie holds a BA in English and Theater/Dance from Princeton University, and recently completed her MFA in Pedagogy and Performance at VCU.   She is Artistic Director of the Hamner Theater, which she co-founded in 2005; she runs the Hamner Improv Troupe and has taught Improv extensively to all ages as well as to businesses, caregivers and in other areas where Applied Improv is applicable.  She does Playback Theater, has acted, directed and produced in theaters in Charlottesville as well as Richmond.  She also founded the Central Virginia Theater Alliance and is active in the GCCA (Greater Crozet Arts Alliance).  Boomie is the Theater Advisor for Crozet Arts where she also teaches theater classes for children and adults and looks forward to introducing the Crozet Theater Workshop at Crozet Arts to the community.

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