Intro to Fall

Intro to Fall
September 14 – 24
Monday & Thursday evening Zoom ballet classes
for Intermediate & Advanced students
$20 (attend some or all of the classes; see schedule below)

 Intro to Fall is a two-week session
for Intermediate & Advanced students,
prior to the start of the full Fall Session #1 class schedule
which will begin on September 28th.

All classes will meet via Zoom.
Please be sure to download the Zoom application prior to class,
to expedite signing in for class. 

Pre-registration & enrollment required,
by Monday, September 14th 5:00 pm
(in order to receive Zoom link before class).

Click here to register & enroll.

Download PDF of schedule below.

Intro to Fall Schedule
(Students may take any or all of these classes for the total tuition of $20)

Mondays 6:30 – 7:45 (Sep 14 & 21):
Mixed Intermediate-Advanced Ballet
Int I – IV-Adv mixed-level basic ballet class to begin the week

Thursdays 6:15 – 8:30 (Sep 17 & 24):
Intermediate IV- Advanced Ballet
Ballet class with PT warm-up;
optional pointe/pre-pointe to finish.

(Int I-II-II welcome to join this class for the Intro to Fall weeks)

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