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Theater Classes

with Boomie Pedersen

5 weeks:  April 17 – May 15, 2018

Theater Play I:  theater games and exercises to engage the imagination, help build
confidence and foster a spirit of working together for creative ends.

3:45 – 4:30 pm:  Grades K/1/2
Tuition:  $75 + $4 registration = $79

Theater Play II:  an opportunity for the young actor to learn about character, plot and subtext!  We will explore the world of theatrical possibility through improvisation and some short scripted pieces.

4:35 – 5:20 pm:  Grades 3/4/5
Tuition:  $75 + $4 registration = $79

Teen Prov

please e-mail office@crozetarts.org if interested in Teen Prov

Improv games and exercises help build self-confidence and ensemble spirit, as well as encouraging imaginative thinking and on-the-spot problem solving!  This 5-week class will culminate in a performance for friends and family.

Boomie Pedersen was born and raised in NYC. She has lived, taught, performed and studied in NY; Tokyo, Japan; Los Angeles, CA and now in Virginia.  She was a scholarship dance student with the Joffrey Ballet but gave up ballet to go to college.  Boomie holds a BA in English and Theater/Dance from Princeton University, and recently completed her MFA in Pedagogy and Performance at VCU.   She is Artistic Director of the Hamner Theater, which she co-founded in 2005; she runs the Hamner Improv Troupe and has taught Improv extensively to all ages as well as to businesses, caregivers and in other areas where Applied Improv is applicable.  She does Playback Theater, has acted, directed and produced in theaters in Charlottesville as well as Richmond.  She also founded the Central Virginia Theater Alliance and is active in the GCCA (Greater Crozet Arts Alliance).  Boomie is the Theater Advisor for Crozet Arts where she also teaches theater classes for children and adults and looks forward to introducing the Crozet Theater Workshop at Crozet Arts to the community.